Brexit and international mail

With all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, there is understandably some concern around the area of international mail and how it will be affected in the event of a 'no deal'. Rest assured, Ciconi’s supplier of international postage services is well prepared for any challenges that may arise in the supply chain, utilising a network of private commercial operators, airlines and post offices to react to any problems and minimise delays.

Letters, forms, leaflets, magazines and periodicals do not fall under any customs restrictions and this will continue regardless of how Brexit pans out. However, our supplier has plans in place to keep mail moving if the usual routes out of the UK become too busy:

  • A switch from road to air distribution into the EU if Dover becomes congested.

  • Utilisation of other seaports such as Harwich and Holyhead, which may be less busy, to get mail out of the UK.

  • Direct injection of post into EU-based suppliers for onward distribution to other EU countries.

For more information please contact our customer services team on 01487 823546 or email