Coronavirus (C-word) statement


18 December 2020

What a year it's been! 2020 is definitely going to hold its place in history as a year of tremendous challenge, grief, courage and fortitude.

We have a set of inspirational posters dotted around Ciconi. One of them says "Expect problems and eat them. They are food to make us strong." I don't think we could have ever imagined we would end the year being this well fed and to have so many opportunities to grow in strength. Pure gluttony, that's what I say! So many helpings, all piled up like the plates you see teetering back from the buffet section at restaurants – in previous times of course – all to be eaten up and cleared away, ready for the next twirl around the buffet's delights. This perseverance builds character, and character is needed to be able to work through such strange and somewhat eerie times.

For everyone, customers and suppliers alike, a huge thank you for your trust, for your tremendous support and for your words spurring us on. It is such a testimony to everyone here at Ciconi to know how privileged and blessed we are to be able to work with you all through this year. We have loved hearing your stories of record-breaking results and we have groaned with you during the periods that have seen businesses flatlining. I personally have cried with you when stories have been shared that reveal some of the fears and effects that the horrid C-word has left in its wake. How the line between work and home has become blurred and there is no place of rest; working in half-empty offices filled with a sense of loss and loneliness; being fearful of what the future may hold but remaining committed no matter what. Please take a bit of time out to reflect on how getting through 2020 has been an amazing feat.

Another one of the posters we have as part of the set says "Keep your faith, keep your trust, keep the right attitude and stay grateful. You'll see God open new doors." So, it is these words that I leave you with to take into 2021 to embrace whatever challenges, joys and successes it holds.

We wish you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas.