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Ciconi's latest postal savings

Here at Ciconi we are always looking for ways to go above and beyond in a quest to help our clients save money and if we can help our Charity clients save some pounds then this is even better.

A few of our charity clients are aware and have taken advantage of our Agency Agreement we have in place with Royal Mail. But we know many more Charity clients could benefit from this agreement.

Towards the end of 2015, Ciconi was granted, what is called a Schedule 17, Agency Agreement. Basically, this agency agreement enables Ciconi the ability to exempt the VAT on certain postage charges.

Within the postage element of any mailing campaign there are two parts, the upstream and downstream element. The upstream element will always be Vatable. But as part of the Agency Agreement, the downstream element becomes VAT exempt for registered charities. The downstream element is the postage cost from Royal Mail which will be exempt from any Vatable charges. With Ciconi acting as an agent between the client and Royal Mail, we are able to pass on this exemption.

So when you are completing your next mailing, contact Ciconi's Customer Services team to find out how you can benefit from this Agency Agreement.

Through choosing to use Ciconi for your future mailing needs we will make certain you take advantage of the biggest cost savings on any mailing campaign no matter the complexity and scale of the task ahead.

So the question is, can you really afford not to use Ciconi?

Posted 3 March 2016