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Best postal prices

Best postal prices

We are now almost a month into the Royal Mail changes on their bulk mailing services, and further increases to stamp prices are expected from April 30th. A first class stamp is to rise from 46p to 60p and a second class letter will rise from 36p to 50p. Obviously mail on account is still cheaper and Ciconi also have access to other postal providers offering significant savings for mailing services.

Ciconi are well placed to offer substantial savings on the mail service known as Advertising Mail, which is offered by all of our postal providers. There are some criteria to meet before a mail piece can be sent via this service however most marketing mailings do qualify. Ciconi can help and advise on this taking the worry out of your hands.

We'll help you get the best rates and maybe with a few tweaks can secure a more preferable rate.

Put us to the test. Contact us on 01487 823546.

Posted 17 April 2012