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Ciconi maintains ISO commitment

Ciconi maintains ISO commitment

Inspection confirms full compliance with standards for quality management, environmental processes and information security.

"… there is a sense of teamwork within this company all too rarely noted at other businesses."

ISO inspection report

There has been a lot of media discussion about the problems that arise when certifications are perceived as box-ticking exercises. In dynamic organisations certifications are seen as powerful tools. They stimulate debate, drive change and help to build a listening, outward-facing culture.

What do our ISO certifications mean for you?

At Ciconi we use our three ISO certifications as positive agencies for change and improvement. We believe that our future success is built on the way we look after our customers today. ISO systems help us to do this.

Our ISO certifications act as foundations for the ways in which we complete tasks, manage the flow of work and operate the business. An example of the way ISO compliance works through the business is the job action log we introduced as part of ISO 9001. It allows us to record potential errors, discover why they happened, and put measures in place to stop any recurrence. This goes far beyond simple 'fault reporting': it is a living tool we use across the business to help us work more effectively, learn lessons and move ahead.

That is a typical example of the cross-company and client benefits we gain from ISO certification. For the years ahead, we will continue to work to improve our processes and add exciting new dimensions to our service portfolio. As we see them, ISO standards ensure that every time we make a change, it is carefully tested and verified. Nothing is taken for granted: data rules, quality or client impact. It's an approach that will help us to adapt to change today and grow confidently tomorrow.

The recent inspection by an independent assessor has confirmed that we maintain this approach. The final report confirmed our positive attitude and team spirit. It was with a sense of pride that everyone at Ciconi learnt that we had passed the inspection and that our people, processes and systems remained fully compliant with all three ISO standards.

Here is part of what the inspection team said:

"The company were fully prepared for the audit and had copies of all relevant documentation to hand. There has been considerable work done to develop systems and controls with the company ethos of 'a more excellent way' being translated into the IMS as much as into production and customer care. All staff interviewed were keen to spend time sharing their 'part played' in the mission of the company and there is a sense of teamwork within this company all too rarely noted at other businesses."

We are already looking ahead to the next inspection and planning to continue our quest for perfection in everything we do.

About our three ISO certifications

Our three ISO certifications make us pretty special in our business. Our quality process certification, ISO 9001, shows that we meet ISO standards for quality of work, standards of care, and our attitude to our clients. This was our first ISO certification in 2008. Our environmental certification, ISO 14001, provides a framework within which we address environmental issues. Like our quality process certification, we achieved this in 2008. Our information security certification, ISO 27001, ensures that all information is handled securely, in accordance with the law, and in a way that reassures clients that their data is being handled correctly. We added this to our list of ISO certifications in 2009.

Posted 24 July 2013