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Digital watermarks

Digital watermarks

Royal Mail, in partnership with Clic2C, is currently putting the finishing touches to an innovative product that embeds an invisible digital watermark into a direct mail item. The watermark can be applied to any image or text and is read using a free iPhone/Android app.

Mail pieces containing the watermark can be identified by use of the Clic2C logo. Once they've downloaded the app to their smartphone, a recipient can hold their phone over the postcard, letter, flyer or brochure and be taken straight to your digital presence. The principle works in the same way as QR codes, except rather than scan a small 2D barcode, the mail piece's actual text or imagery is scanned.

This is a bespoke service being offered by Royal Mail, with prices based on a one-off fee per watermark and then an additional (nominal) fee per thousand to print. Royal Mail set up and embed the watermark, which can then be forwarded to Ciconi to print on your marketing materials.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Posted 26 June 2012