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European letter post outperforms EU target

You may not be surprised to hear that the EU sets a number of targets … and one of these applies to the quality of European letter post. For 2013 the target was that 85% of mail within the EU should reach its destination within three days of posting, and 97% within five days.

The results – which apply to the 28 European member states and also to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland – show that 92.5% of international priority and first-class letter mail was delivered within three days of posting, and 98.2% within five days. These figures make 2013 the sixteenth year in which performance has exceeded target.

Performance analysis is conducted independently by external research firms, using the International Post Corporation's UNEX mail monitoring system. Results are based on around 200,000 test letters, 80% of which contain Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags which interact with RFID readers during the sorting and delivery process.

Commenting on the results, Herbert-Michael Zapf, President and CEO of the IPC, said "This consistent high level of performance demonstrates that postal operators work very hard to maintain the same reliable high quality services for customers."

Posted 12 June 2014