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Royal Mail Partners in Quality

A Royal Mail Partners in Quality business

Partners in Quality is a Royal Mail certification that offers customers further reassurance that their mail services providers comply with the highest standards. The scheme covers quality, systems, processes, service and support. It is as tightly regulated as any ISO certification and, like ISO, it is a lifelong commitment that's monitored constantly and regularly reviewed. We were checked and reviewed before we were approved, and we can be checked and reviewed again at any time.

For those of our customers who are familiar with our history, this further award won't be a big surprise. Each time we applied for ISO certification we passed first time, and this latest recognition by Royal Mail builds on our proven track record and our commitment to total quality.

What does Partners in Quality certification mean for you? In the words of an advertising legend, it means that we try harder. We have the skills you need today, and the expertise to bring our resources together to deliver what you want in the future. Our people understand your plans and ambitions, and we have the will to exceed your expectations. Royal Mail knows that we will be expertly compliant with its mailing standards … while you have the certainty that your campaigns will be processed professionally and despatched using the most cost-effective routes.

Posted 20 September 2013