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Postal prices on their way up

Postal prices on their way up

We are preparing for April's increase in postal prices, which will affect everyone involved in mailing and distribution. Broadly speaking we expect prices to go up across the board, but the details are still clouded in confusion. For example, in a recent pricing statement Royal Mail said:

'We stated that our prices were subject to ratification with Ofcom. This was a mistake. Our prices are not subject to ratification with Ofcom and we can confirm they are final. We apologise if this caused any confusion.'

One thing we can be sure of is that Royal Mail prices will rise from 2 April 2012 – and in some instances there will be quite a hike. There will also be a major change for charities and other non-VAT registered bodies, because Royal Mail will start to charge VAT on all contract services.

You may already know that DHL has withdrawn from the market for UK mail. This has opened the door to competitors who claim to offer competitive prices and quality of service. We will have to wait and see: it's a dynamic situation and only the strongest will survive.

At Ciconi we don't just use Royal Mail, so we can always secure the best service and price. We will continue to use providers with a proven track record. At present we believe that the increase in competition should strengthen the market for the benefit of the consumer.

If you are concerned about what you will be paying for postage in the future please get in touch and let us take the stress out of your postage.

Posted 21 March 2012