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Royal Mail is changing its Printed Postage Impression (PPI) design

When is it changing?

Royal Mail has updated its PPI artwork and the new design can be applied to the vast majority of mail pieces from the 23rd of June. However, there is a grace period of six months for the changes to be fully implemented, meaning existing stocks of pre-printed materials can be run down.

This update to the design has also triggered a change to the PPIs used on Access Mail, for example items despatched via UK Mail and Secured Mail, which are also required to display the new 'Delivered by Royal Mail' indicia instead of the current S mark.

Why are they changing?

The UK has an open market when it comes to delivering mail. Royal Mail want to make it simpler for the consumer to recognise who is delivering their mail and who to complain to should there be a problem. Royal Mail says that it is extremely proud of the service it provides and that its staff deserves recognition for fulfilling the 'final mile' of most mail deliveries.

The new indicia

The new PPI has been designed to fit within the existing area, avoiding the franking zone of the envelope. From January 2013, all stamped mail will be also be overprinted with a 'Delivered by Royal Mail' mark as part of the stamp cancellation process. Hand-sorted items processed by Royal Mail will not show the new 'Delivered by Royal Mail' impression. The provision of a bilingual version in Welsh will be available at a later date.

Posted 22 June 2012