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Royal Mail OBA docketing systems

Royal Mail Online Business Account docketing systems

We have reviewed our own service provision here at Ciconi and it seems that we will need to ensure we have all of the new services added to our Royal Mail OBA (Online Business Account) in readiness for the release by Royal Mail.

Most of them will transfer automatically however obvious things like the new large letter machine readable format for quantities of less than 1,000 will need to be included. Some services can be added quite easily and others need to go through an accreditation process before they will be allowed.

Some of our clients have their own Royal Mail OBA accounts we would highly recommend that you check all of your current services will be available from April 2nd.

It is a great time to review what you are using and if there can be any enhancements to either service or price. Sometime the most obvious services are not being utilised and can save you a considerable amount over the course of a year. Remember Royal Mail are not the only providers of postal services and you may find there are better costs elsewhere. If you want to get some comparative costs give us a call.

Posted 22 March 2012