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Royal Mail strike cancelled

Just before the weekend, Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union issued a joint statement to confirm that they had made progress in their talks and were committed to finalising an agreement in the forthcoming two weeks. On this basis, the CWU agreed to stop the strike planned for 4 November.

The negotiations will cover a wide range of issues that include legal protections for employees, pay and rewards, pensions, organisational change, stability and growth, future parcels and letters strategy, Royal Mail values and principles, and the 'ongoing operational programme of work'. The statement ends: 'The individual elements outlined above will only be deemed agreed when everything is agreed'.

At Ciconi, we are sure that our customers will be glad that the action will not take place. If anything positive has emerged from this, it is that planning for the strike has revealed some alternative means of delivery for further consideration, and helped to bring contingency plans up to date.

Posted 4 November 2013