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Happy 2021!

Not sure about you, but I for one had hoped that I would wake up on the first day of 2021 and realise that 2020 had just been a terrible dream. Bad dreams are like that, unbelievable, disjointed and making no sense at all, leaving you with a sense of foreboding, which once you have showered and dressed disappear down the plughole! Alas, it did not transpire as being a dream, it was an all-too-grim reality that our auspicious start to this new year was shrouded in a fresh cloak of fear and gloom that seems to permeate our thoughts, and in many instances, our conversations.

It was this that accompanied our return to work on Monday along with a jam-packed schedule of work projects, interspersed with a War Cabinet meeting (the WCM is made up of the senior managers here at Ciconi). The latest meeting was to discuss the way forward through this current lockdown, review our health and safety and working from home policies, and manage on site engineer visits. However, one of the main things on the agenda was how we support one another, encourage one another, provide support to clients and suppliers and all collectively combat the gloom and doom that constantly tries to invade our space.

Staying safe by keeping a distance has become the mantra in the fight against this hideous virus, but we need to continually remind each other that the physical distance needs to be countered by the development of building closer relationships. Here at Ciconi we are committed to deliberately cultivating new conversations that have an absence of fear, presence of hope, absence of frustration, presence of patience, absence of judgement and presence of understanding. We want to ensure that you experience the best of the best and a sense of excellence, and a sense of what it means to actively step into new conversations that bring about fresh ideas and ways to do things well.

I send you all the very best for 2021. Remember that, last February, we had no idea that we would be suddenly plunged into such chaos. Let us expect that we can be suddenly jettisoned into good things, stronger, and kinder.



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