Design: brilliant ideas, unlimited possibilities.


Only true design can build your brand

True design is a full, rich and vital expression of your values. It expresses your brand and the qualities that make it special. It builds an enduring bridge between your organisation and the world.

At Ciconi, we specialise in true design. We work for you and with you to understand your short-term needs and your long-term intentions. We use these insights to express your message, influence your readers and develop your markets. Along the way we adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.

We design for any medium. We create dynamic and interactive websites and e-shots … we create 'off the page' mailers … we create solid corporate documents. Whatever you want to achieve, whoever you wish to influence, we will take your message, understand your culture, and tell your story more effectively.

Ciconi design services: creative excellence for added impact

  • Annual reports
  • Brands
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Corporate identity
  • Corporate literature
  • Exhibitions
  • Invitations
  • Leaflets
  • Logos
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Packaging
  • Point of sale
  • Presentations
  • Signage
  • Stationery

Graphic design & print

Designing new opportunities in print

Our print design can create new opportunities for your organisation. Before we begin we discuss your markets, culture, objectives and values. We want to ensure that our results will make an impact.

Is your organisation progressive but professional? Do you want your message to jump off the page and into the reader's mind? Do you want to challenge and stimulate? Do you want to build a relationship? Do you want to inform? Do you want to entertain? Every communication is different. They all need to say something about you and the way you understand your readers.

This is where our unique, intelligent approach will make a difference. By reflecting your messaging in all aspects of each design – paper, layout, typography and illustration – we ensure that your credibility and commitment are there, in the reader's hand, before a page is turned.

From the smallest postcard to the most complex foldout … from a leaflet to a major brochure, we have the skills and credentials to deliver results that will impress you and your audience. By carefully listening to your needs we will position ourselves alongside you. We will work as collaborator and enabler, helping you to express your vision and delight your audience. It's challenging, exciting and rewarding. It's creativity at its best. And we love doing it!

We regard design as a continuing dialogue, not a simple process. By openly sharing ideas we build effective designs that speak the language of your organisation and deliver the results you want.

Brand development

Your values, your brand

A brand is so much more than a logo. It is the summary of your organisation's 'promise'. It reassures people that you are reliable, ethical, dependable and consistent.

The truly great brands are recognised around the world. Their success is based on visual imagery, brilliant, consistent messaging, a sustained corporate personality, and honesty.

When we start work on your brand project, we begin with deep research. We look at your culture and values and your goals. We sketch-out our plan, and work with you to help the brand take shape. Although the work can be complex, we respect your timescales and budgets. If required, we can quickly deliver a brilliant new logo or rebrand pending a fuller exercise.

Messaging is integral to your brand. We can advise on the important text and 'personality' aspects to build your credibility and personality in every medium, from print to the web and on to PoS and merchandising.

In the complex universe of brand creation and brand building, our talents can take you where you want to be with minimum fuss and maximum impact. From solid corporate credibility to dynamic social media interaction, we will move your organisation forward.

Online media

Making a difference online

A truly effective website requires more than good design. It calls for an understanding of the way people interact with an organisation via a browser. It is not enough to have an eye for the ways in which people read your pages, navigate through them, and use mice and keyboards. It also requires a technician's eye for the possibilities of search engine optimisation and other 'under the bonnet' resources which can attract more people to your site and retain their interest.

All our website projects start with blank page, open minds, and a desire to learn. Our aim is to create memorable, enjoyable websites that work the way you want to deliver the results you desire. We can also design intelligent e-shots that optimise response rates and meet your organisation's needs.

There's more to website design than … design. Each site has to be engineered to behave as you want, to collect relevant data, and retain the interest of every surfer. It's a tough challenge. The world is awash with competing media. We always aim to deliver the results!

Ciconi design portfolio

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