E-marketing: making your campaigns richer and more powerful.


Add impact to all your campaigns

E-marketing services from Ciconi will enhance your messaging and improve response rates. They will enrich conventional communications and complement your campaigns. They are unbeatable for the release of special offers, immediate news and other timely information. Ciconi specialises in providing all that's best in deeper, richer e-marketing – not just in messaging, but in the design, planning, analysis, reporting and operational aspects as well.

E-marketing from Ciconi can be global or local, strategic or tactical. Whether your bottom line is information or action, your timeframe short-term or long-term, we can help you to keep people engaged, aware, accessible and responsive. From e-mails and e-newsletters to personalised web pages and beyond, we have the resources you need for the responses you seek.

Ciconi e-marketing services: liberating the power of IT

  • Custom landing pages
  • Design and full template builds
  • Email templates
  • Eshots
  • Mobile advertising
  • Personalised URLs (PURLs)
  • Repeat campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Responsive email design
  • Unsubscribe services
  • Web hosting

E-marketing design

The right image, a better response

A consistent visual style applied across all media makes your brand image more effective. Whether people are reading a letter, studying an email, visiting a website or accessing a personal web page, the brand they experience must be uniquely yours. Our job is to deliver that sort of experience, every time. Depending on your needs and budget we can deliver anything you want, from a simple design ‘tweak’ all the way up to a powerful, integrated design approach. Our design team will work flexibly to ensure the same, powerful experience whether you communicate in print or electronically. We will always optimise the power of technology to bring you better responses. You set the goals. We will deliver the results. We can design your E-marketing campaigns from scratch or, if you prefer, we will work with your in-house team, take your ideas, and turn them into reality.

Our design service works the way you want to add E-marketing communications power to your brand.

Account management

Better planning for a better campaign

E-marketing works best when integrated into a communications strategy and deployed creatively and professionally. Your Ciconi account manager will work with you to put e-marketing in the right position on the marketing map and help you to reach the people you want to reach. As well as campaign planning, your account manager will coordinate all Ciconi teams to help you design the project, execute it, and keep it on time and within budget.

At the strategic level, your account manager will ensure that every campaign benefits from Ciconi's years of expertise. Working at all levels, from the strategic and corporate down to fine points of detail, your account manager will ensure maximum impact at customer level. At the end of the project, you will also receive a detailed analysis of the campaign with suggestions for future improvement.

As with all Ciconi services, we can provide an account management service that meets your needs, whether you want 'light touch' support or full project execution.


Action-based reports

Our account management service includes a range of standard and bespoke reports that will help you to make future campaigns even more effective. Starting with the data essentials – how many emails were sent and opened, how many people visited the website, how many emails were treated as spam, how many emails were bounced – we can go to make recommendations for optimisation and enhancement. We can report at a frequency you prefer, from daily to monthly, and include only the data you want to see. Naturally, we can provide our reports in the format you specify.

Ciconi e-marketing reports combine better accountability, better effectiveness, and better communications.