Response handling: data-driven services designed for better business.


Your data, your future

If your future depends on data, you need response handling from Ciconi. Our combination of expert skills, people and solutions will help you to design better campaigns, capture better data, structure it more effectively, and make it work harder for your organisation. For us, data capture is the start of a journey towards better management information and enhanced operational and strategic performance.

High-accuracy data capture is the foundation of our response handling service. We can capture responses from all media, including response forms and coupons, emails, websites and surveys, phone input, and voicemail. Whatever your campaign or promotion, we will ensure that you see the entire picture, more clearly.

Ciconi response handling services: any response, any time

  • Application forms
  • Business cards
  • Competition entries
  • Contact details
  • Coupons
  • Event attendee information
  • Forms
  • Invoices and financial records
  • Online data
  • Questionnaires
  • Reply cards
  • Surveys
  • Test results
  • Voting cards
  • Vouchers

Data capture

The art of capturing data

Data capture services from Ciconi combine power with accuracy. Whatever the scale, complexity or need, from small-batch research, piloting or trialling to the largest data harvests, our tools and people will ensure that you always benefit from the most reliable information.

When accuracy is critical, and in low-volume applications, manual capture is the preferred route. We enter data into spreadsheets or databases by hand – with double keying in critical campaigns – to ensure the cleanest possible collection.

For large-scale, high-volume collections, we use our electronic capture software. Customised to our needs, it ensures ultra-high reliability throughout the collection, processing and collation stages.

Handling free text requires insight and judgement. Our skilled keyboard operators are committed to the highest levels of accuracy as they follow your guidelines to capture the data you identify.

A vital part of a successful campaign is address capture. We use PAF software to validate and cleanse addresses, so you can update and enhance your lists for future campaigns.

Our data capture skills are your reassurance that the data we provide will be clean and accurate.

Online management

The online dimension

Websites, emails and e-shots add powerful dimensions to your communications, surveys and outreach programmes. Data collected via these pathways, carefully engineered by our IT team, can be loaded directly into your systems for cleaning, analysis and deployment.

We can work with you to satisfy all your needs across these media. Whether you want us to deliver a fully packaged data collection and processing service to 'as required' consultancy and support, we can fit neatly into your management information model. We can help you to develop your online capture strategy, implement it across a range of media and IT platforms, execute your campaigns, collate the responses, analyse them and create powerful reports.

We are experts at customising online tools and solutions. We can design and distribute e-shots that give each recipient a private logon that's easily accessible via click-through. We can build multiple e-response routes into your campaigns to suit different markets.

We can leverage the full potential of e-media to bring you a wealth of powerful information. It's the way ahead for your organisation.

Data verification and audits

Better quality, better decisions

The quality of the decisions you take depends on the quality of the data you receive. Our ISO-certified quality and security processes extend to every stage of the data lifecycle, from collection and validation to audit and delivery.

We regard data verification as an integral part of our response handling service. That's why we audit the data we provide, the means we use to obtain it, and the processes we use to manage it. The result of this meticulous approach to systems and supervision is an outstanding level of accuracy on all the data we capture, whether manually or electronically.

We can take this approach further to meet your needs. For example, we can provide bespoke KPI reports on any survey or document work we undertake. Our commitment to excellence gives you the ultimate reassurance of clean, usable data.

There can be no compromise when it comes to data verification and audit. We take pride in seamlessly integrating precision, quality and care into all our response handling tasks. Your organisation can move ahead with confidence in the data it uses.

Bespoke data projects and reporting

However you want to work, we will adapt

We aim to help you respond to the dynamics of data as your project builds momentum. Your Ciconi account manager will discuss each project's evolution and help you to respond to developments.

As part of this service we can augment our standard reports with bespoke options. These will provide the management information you need to monitor your campaign at every stage. Customised to your needs and IT specifications, these reports present management information in the formats of your choice, at the times you choose. They can contain raw data or analysed information.

As part of this approach to client involvement we run rigorous QC checks to ensure that logic has been applied correctly. We can also add theming options for free text and enable you to select the themes you wish to monitor.

A dedicated Ciconi account manager works alongside you in every response handling project. This specialist acts as your day-to-day liaison throughout the project, advising you on the best options and ensuring that everything flows smoothly to completion.

Questionnaire and survey processing

A seamless, end-to-end service

We have the skills, resources and experience to manage any response handling project from inception to completion. We can design surveys or other documents, print them, prepare them for e-deployment, distribute them, process them on return, handle hard copy, and capture data. We can also account for all returns, quantify the number of opt-outs and gone-aways, and use returns data as the basis for future campaigns.

We have been awarded ISO 27001 for documented information security management. It is your assurance that sensitive data will be managed to the highest standards. We offer secure shredding and storage for hard copies, and all relevant response handling personnel sign confidentiality agreements.

With the Ciconi response handling service, you choose the degree of involvement you prefer. Our flexible approach enables you to monitor your project whenever you prefer. If you wish to manage certain stages yourself, we can align our systems to yours to ensure that every element moves forward on time and to budget.

Scanning, archiving and indexing

Scanning and archiving for operational efficiency

Do you want to reduce physical storage? Make it easier to access and search old documents? Preserve customer responses for later analysis or compliance? Then our scanning and archiving service is ready to help.

Whether you commission this service as part of a response handling project or separately, we will bring all our experience to bear. We use the latest scanning systems to progress jobs at high speed, with superb levels of quality. We output your documents as high-quality PDFs that can be stored by us or forwarded to you via secure route. Powerful text recognition software and intelligent keyword selection ensure that your documents are not just imaged but correctly archived, indexed and searchable. We capture dates as well as text, so your searches will always reveal all relevant documents and records.

Our cost-effective scanning and archiving service helps Ciconi clients to add value to hard-to-access paper records while reducing the costs of physical storage.