Storage & fulfilment: a promise delivered … a promise kept.


Storage, fulfilment, and you

The way you keep your promises says something about your organisation. It is the 'customer experience' that demonstrates your capabilities and commitment. If you wish to build, maintain and strengthen your customer relationships, the people who trust you must always receive the right items, on time.

At Ciconi, we will help you to build and protect your brand. Our powerful IT systems, expert staff and state-of-the-art software will manage, store, collate, pack and ship your orders, from simple leaflets to the most complex and personalised packs, samples and other marketing and promotional items.

Our aim is to minimise costs and optimise results. Everything we do is covered by our ISO 9001 certification. It is your assurance that every project, from the smallest local shipment to a massive international mailing, will maintain and strengthen the reputation of your organisation.

Ciconi storage and fulfilment services: whatever you need

  • Custom reporting
  • Kitting
  • Matching packs
  • Online order processing
  • Packaging
  • Pick 'n' pack
  • Returns management
  • Same-day processing
  • Secure storage
  • Stock management
  • Telephone order processing

Order fulfilment

From process to the personal

Order fulfilment is a structured process. Requests come in, they are verified, and passed to our warehouse. Here our team collates, packs and checks your shipments. Any necessary add-ons, such as letters or leaflets, are included according to your specifications. The process, which demands the most careful integration of people and systems, ensures that your contacts receive the items they expect, on time. As part of our service we can source and store a range of complementary packaging materials. These range from padded bags and envelopes to boxes, cartons and other packs.

Order fulfilment is a pivotal process in any organisation's marketing strategy. With Ciconi, you can be sure that it will flow efficiently and maintain your reputation for excellence.

Storage and stock control

The foundations of efficiency

Storage and stock control are essential to our proven and reliable fulfilment service. Our secure storage space can be configured to accommodate any size, quantity and complexity of content. It is managed and supervised by a Ciconi-designed IT system that dynamically monitors stocks. This system also routes each picking run through our shelves, so our operators work at maximum efficiency. It can be set to trigger alerts when defined reorder levels are reached, giving your marketing team ample time to arrange restocking.

All Ciconi storage and stock control operations are included in our ISO 9001 certification. Detailed audit trails enable us to monitor performance and discuss potential cost savings and efficiency improvements with our customers.

Custom reporting

The information you need

We offer you an 'open book' approach to stock management and cost control.

Our standard reports cover consumables used, fulfilment, goods received, returns, stock, and tracking numbers for courier deliveries. We can add direct, real-time access to the progress of your orders as they move through our system.

Our bespoke reports can be tailored to suit your systems, processes and requirements. You can include the data we provide in your management reporting to support planning for future mailings and marketing. We can also work with you to share and shape data and turn it into customer information you can share on your website.

Custom reporting is part of our commitment to operating as an extension of your organisation. We wrote our own storage and fulfilment software, so we can configure any type of report to satisfy your needs.


Completing the picture

Modern delivery services offer exciting possibilities. Choosing the right one for each project calls for exceptional insight and analysis. This is where Ciconi comes in. Our specialists take time to research and monitor the unique capabilities of each provider. Then they match these insights to the needs of your project. The result is a combination of outstanding service, reliability, and affordability.

Postage can often be a significant cost. Over the years we have developed good relationships with a portfolio of national and international postal providers and couriers. We are well placed to negotiate discounts and service levels to bring you the most competitive balance of speed and reliability.

Available as part of our storage and fulfilment service, or as a stand-alone option, delivery support from Ciconi will maintain your reputation for efficiency and service, while reducing your postage overheads.

What we can do

A world of possibilities: the things we can do for you

Our storage and fulfilment services are remarkably flexible and cost effective. Integrated into your organisation's processes, they give you total control. Our skilled teams and custom software ensure that we deliver outstanding performance while remaining fully accountable. Our directors, account managers and support teams will all ensure that we continue to make a difference.

There is virtually no limit to the items we can store, pick, pack and despatch. This is why so many clients use us, across a wide range of sectors:

  • Business
  • Education
  • Health
  • Marketing
  • Not-for-profit
  • Public sector
  • Publishing
  • Retail