UK & international mail: local, national or global, we will arrange the best mail service.


Finding the best service for every project

Our UK & international mail service will help you to find the best postal arrangements. From a low-volume trial promotion to a huge marketing or fundraising campaign, we will use our years of mailing expertise to help you reach your contacts more effectively. The mail services we arrange will always be tailored to your project, your priorities, your brand and your budget.

There's no room for error when you choose a provider of mail services. That's why our account managers monitor all competitors' prices and services. We always know what's happening in the market and can negotiate the best deal for your mailing.

Whether you emphasise value or speed, we will always help your documents to get through.

UK & international mail services: anything, anywhere, any time

  • Advertising Mail
  • Barcode mailings
  • Business mail
  • Courier services
  • Custom Postage Paid Impression (PPI)
  • Direct entry
  • Door to door
  • Economy and Priority service: international mail
  • Low Sort and High Sort
  • Mailsort services
  • OCR and CBC mailings
  • Packet Post
  • Pallet distribution
  • Publishing Mail
  • Special Delivery
  • Standard Tariff Letters (STL)
  • Sustainable Mail
  • Tracking
  • Unsorted services

Royal Mail

Setting the standard

Royal Mail is a key player in mail services. Stimulated by the competitive environment, it has streamlined and broadened its services to meet the changing market. It also remains the sole provider of 'last mile' delivery for standard mail in the UK. We work well with its managers and use our expertise to negotiate the very best terms for every mailing.

Royal Mail offers multiple options. They include Sustainable Mail, Advertising Mail, door-to-door, sorted and unsorted services, as well as Special Delivery. They all have a place, and we understand the benefits and requirements of each one. We will help you to make the best choice, and will work with you to design your mailings for maximum impact and the lowest postage cost, from initial set up to paper selection and addressing.

Our aim is to ensure that you benefit from the best possible prices and services from the Royal Mail portfolio.

DSA providers

Exciting potential for lower costs

Downstream Access, or DSA, is a service that's offered by third party mail providers. It enables them to collect mailings, sort them, and insert them into Royal Mail's local delivery offices for the 'last mile' to the letterbox. It offers considerable savings against many Royal Mail services. At Ciconi, we can take this a step further by negotiating additional bulk discounts. We do this by pooling all our customers' mailings, negotiating direct with third party providers, and sharing the discounts with you.

To qualify for DSA savings, strict specifications have to be followed for sorting, bagging and labelling. We will ensure that your items meet these rules, and will use our good working relationships with the major DSA providers to ensure that your mail is handled correctly and delivered on time.

DSA offers the potential for substantial cost reductions, especially on larger mailings. We will ensure that you benefit from the lowest prices.

Overseas mail

Adding the international dimension

Overseas mail services set demanding criteria. Since our foundation in 1989 we have gained considerable insight into these complex international rules. Today we can help you find the best services at the lowest prices. From standard or economy mail services to parcel and printed paper services and beyond, we will help you to make the right choice.

Direct Entry is an international option of interest to bulk users. Mail is shipped to the country of destination and mailed using that country's postal service. Your envelopes are franked and laid-out to meet that country's specifications. Because you pay local charges, Direct Entry can help you to cut the overall cost.

Finally, because small technical or design changes can lead to even greater savings, we can also advise you on the design, print and optimisation of your items.

Although international mailings can be complicated, we make it easy to plan each mailing to liberate the potential of every discount.

Courier services

When only the best will do

Courier delivery makes the difference when you need the personal touch, and the key to a great courier service is a great relationship. We have built highly professional and effective relationships with some of the UK's leading courier providers, and we select each one to suit your mailing. We can also complement these services with our own local courier team.

Because we pool our requirements across the business, we can negotiate courier rates from a position of strength and share the savings with you. Ask us for an estimate and we will show you what we can achieve.

Whether it's a prestigious distribution or an urgent point-to-point delivery, talk to us.