Data management services

Data management

Data cleansing and screening for better response rates

Certified to ISO 27001 for security, Ciconi takes care of your data at all times, maintaining compliance with statutory and best practice requirements in the mailing industry. We have considerable experience in processing lists and data, optimising them, merging them, cleaning them, and making them more usable and effective. From simple de-duplication and screening to complicated 'gone away' handling and suppression list matching, we know that the time we spend will result in fewer returns and better success rates. And if you choose, we can receive, process and securely dispose of your returns too.

Ciconi data management services: cleaner data, usable data. We process data using data cleansing, enhancement, merging, optimisation and profiling, deceased and goneaway screening, duplicate records removal, electoral roll, Mailing Preference Service (MPS), National Change of Address (NCOA), PAF validation, Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and user suppression file screening.