Postage services


Years of expertise in finding the best value postage service

Ciconi's UK and international mail service will guide you through the myriad options in the postage market. From a low-volume trial promotion to a massive fundraising campaign, we will use our years of mailing expertise to help you make the best choice. We work with Royal Mail, downstream access (DSA) providers and international distributors and because we mail thousands of items every day, we, and in turn, our clients, benefit from negotiated discounted prices. Small changes can lead to big savings; our team can advise on the design of your mailing pack to maximise impact and minimise postage cost.

UK & international mail services: anything, anywhere, any time. We cover Advertising Mail, Business Mail, Economy and Priority international, Low Sort and High Sort, Mailmark, Mailsort, OCR and CBC, Packet Post, Publishing Mail, Special Delivery, Standard Tariff Letters (STL), Sustainable Mail, courier services, direct entry, pallets, door to door, tracking and unsorted services.