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Response handling services

Response handling

High-accuracy data capture and processing from all media

Accurate data capture is the foundation of Ciconi’s response handling service. We capture responses from all media, using both manual and electronic data entry methods, and can provide you with bespoke online reporting to monitor progress at every stage.

Manual capture is preferred when accuracy is essential or in low-volume applications. We enter data into spreadsheets or databases by hand – with double keying for critical campaigns – to ensure the cleanest possible collection. For large-scale, high-volume projects, we use our electronic capture software. Customised to our needs, it ensures ultra-high reliability throughout the scanning, processing and collation stages. Handling free text requires insight and judgement – our skilled keyboard operators are committed to the highest levels of accuracy as they follow your guidelines to capture the data you identify.

Utilising the full range of our services, we can design your survey or questionnaire, print them, distribute them, process them on return, capture the data and present it back to you in whatever format you require. We can also account for all returns, quantify the number of opt-outs and gone-aways, and use returns data as the basis for future campaigns. From inception to completion, this ISO-27001-certified service is your assurance that we manage your sensitive data to the highest standards.

Ciconi response handling services: any response, any time


We capture surveys, questionnaires, forms, reply cards, online data, application forms, competition entries, contact details, business cards, coupons, vouchers, voting cards, event attendee information and test results.

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