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Mailing services

Direct mail

Small targeted mailings to large international campaigns

Whether you want a small, targeted mailing or a high-volume distribution, Ciconi’s approach adapts to every campaign, so you always benefit from the best advice and the best value.

Our automated machinery handles complex multi-part mailers, including personalised material, collating and inserting them into anything from polythene wrappers to traditional envelopes, from C6 to C4. Some campaigns need a more personal touch, and that’s when our hand-enclosing team takes over. Highly experienced, they will take three-dimensional, delicate or unusual shapes, pack them, and process them for despatch. As with all our projects and processes, careful quality assurance ensures that the completed mailing meets your specifications.


Upon finishing your mailing, we assess our performance, report on overall efficiency and value, and address the handling of overs and any follow-up mailings. Your account manager will lead this stage, working with you to provide feedback on the mailing and suggest options for improvement. As part of this, we will update you on the postal provider's delivery time based on the 'seed' items we include with your campaign.

Ciconi mailing services: reliable and proven, delivering success


We offer machine enclosing, envelope insertion, hand enclosing, polywrapping, collation, folding, matching, barcoding, automated billing, personalisation and real stamp mailings.

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