About us

Since our foundation as a mailing house in 1989 we have grown to become today's dynamic organisation

Our mission remains, as it has always been, to exceed our customers' expectations by combining honesty, reliability and specialist skills to build better relationships. That's why honesty, reliability and excellence are at the heart of our business and workplace relationships. We constantly invest in new facilities, resources and technologies, and empower our employees to grow and take decisions. We constantly look for new ways to improve our performance, protect the environment and reduce our impact upon it. Everything we do is driven by our determination to excel and to delight our clients.

Our mission statement

We aim to provide a quality service and exceed our customers' expectations, whilst maintaining a pleasant working environment for our employees. This is based on four foundational values: honesty, reliability, the development of specialist skills and building customer relationships. Certification to the internationally recognised standards for quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001) and data security (ISO 27001) is central to the way we operate:

  • We will work to continually improve the company's performance and associated management systems, to meet, satisfy and delight our customers.
  • We are committed to the care of the environment, the prevention of pollution wherever possible and the efficient use of natural resources. We will identify, quantify and continually improve the environmental impact of the company.
  • At a minimum we will comply with all relevant legislation, customer or other identified requirements.
  • All information assets will be identified, risk assessed and controlled until risks are reduced to an acceptable level based at a minimum on industry best practice.
  • We protect and securely manage our employee and customer data by continually reviewing our IT security processes and evaluating new technology as it becomes available for the benefit of all.
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