Royal Mail response services

Raise engagement rates on your next direct mail campaign by actively encouraging businesses, customers and new prospects to respond to you quickly and easily.

Inspire your customers to interact with your direct mail campaigns, magazine inserts and surveys through an item of mail, mailed back to you either through choosing Business Reply Plus or Freepost Plus.

Business Reply Plus

Business Reply Plus is highly professional looking and is ideal for business communications. Business reply envelope printing consists of a machine-readable license barcode and address, which is printed onto the top left hand side of your mail, which in turn is easily readable/recognised by Royal Mail's systems. As a result of the machine-readable printed barcode, the speed of the delivery process is improved and also helps to keep a low cost per response.

Freepost Plus

Freepost Plus is the perfect choice for consumer-focused communications. Freepost Plus lets you pre-print envelopes with a machine-readable address and license barcode, which appears with the return address. Freepost Plus principles are the same as Business Reply Plus; there are no costs for the customer to respond and it's also highly cost effective for your business as you'll only pay for the responses you receive.


There are four styles of business reply envelopes and the recommended size of envelope is DL, C6, C5 or C4, weighing no more than 100 grams. All envelopes must carry a personalised barcode including a 12-character barcode that complies with Royal Mail specifications.

The printing of the barcode onto the envelopes enables Royal Mail to charge for each envelope that is passed through their delivery system. Unused envelopes do not incur any postage charges.

Response with stamps

One other response service that is worth considering for registered charities is Royal Mail's response with postage stamps service. Response with postage stamps has been specifically developed for use by registered charity customers. When respondents to a charity affix a postage stamp in a designated area on a Business Reply or Freepost mail piece, Royal Mail will credit the charity's account with the cost of the Business Reply or Freepost postage. The postage stamp used by the respondent must be at least the same postage class as the Business Reply or Freepost item being returned.

How we can help

As ever with Royal Mail there are strict specifications and guidelines that need to be adhered to if you opt to participate in any of Royal Mail's response services.

If these specifications are not met, you'll risk having to pay a postage surcharge on each envelope that is used. To remove the worry and hassle of fully understanding the guidelines, speak to us and see how our expertise and experience can assist you.

Let us handle the design and printing process of your Response Service Envelopes. To find out how we can help, contact our Customer Services team.