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Transactional mail services

Transactional mail

Daily process, print and despatch of bills and statements

If there is one service demonstrating our quality, efficiency, versatility and technical expertise whilst utilising skills from all our departments, it is automated billing.

We will help set up a secure daily transfer of your raw billing data to our systems and program daily routines to convert that data into printable PDF bills. This process highlights quality issues with the data, such as duplicates or incomplete addresses, and sorts it for volume discounts on postage.

Our fast production printers can print thousands of bills every hour, and their up-to-date inkjet technology gives a beautifully crisp print while keeping the environmental impact as low as possible. All the paper stock we use is from managed forests too (FSC or PEFC-certified). Ciconi's design team can help you get the template right so your customers can clearly see what their bill is for and how much they need to pay.

Barcode readers on our insertion machines ensure that each recipient’s envelope receives the correct billing sheets and adds a letter, flyer or other promotional material ready for that day’s collection.

Bill processing does not necessarily have to stop on despatch. We can also handle your postal returns, such as ‘gone aways’, process cheques and scan correspondence from your customers.

Ciconi transactional mail services: invoice your customers faster


We provide secure data transfer, invoice design, personalised inkjet printing, automated insertion, daily collections, returns handling and cheque processing.

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